About Jawbone Canyon Store

The Jawbone Canyon Store was originally started by Pancho Barnes and her husband Mac Mc Kendry in the early 1960's. Pancho and Mac moved to Jawbone after their Happy Bottom Ranch in Muroc (now Edwards Air Force Base) mysteriously burned to the ground following years of the US government trying unsuccessfully to obtain the property.

Pancho Barnes was a pioneering aviatrix, successful entrepreneur a good friend to many Hollywood film stars and the dare devil pilots like Chuck Yeager who were frequent guests of the Happy Bottom Ranch. With the demise of the Happy Bottom Ranch, Pancho and Mac came to Jawbone Canyon to try their luck once again. At one time there was a bar/restaurant, store, and even a U.S. Post Office on the property.

Although Pancho moved on, Mac continued running the store, at one time bringing gasoline from Bakersfield in 55 gallon drums in the back of his pickup truck to supply fuel for the pumps. A popular off road hangout for many years, the old store (again mysteriously) burned to the ground in 1999.

Along came Scott and Patty Spencer, who saw an opportunity to recreate the old store's atmosphere but add ideas of their own. Starting with the store and Deli, then adding gas, propane, the covered beer garden and souvenir shop, the Spencer family continue to work to improve the little store in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to say hi to store manager Bobby Spencer and the store mascot Bear ( a 130 lb. rottweiler/ lab mix) We'll greet you with a smile!